To our dear followers, I know its been awhile. probably too long, but here it is, after almost an entire year we have finally have been able to piece together another edit. Filmed and edited by our good friend Brian here is…. LONGBOARDING//: SOLSTICE (by Brian Murphy

Yeah.. I know,

There wasn’t an edit out over holiday break. We could never get anyone with a camera to come with us, BUT, there is some good news.

We do have an edit coming out (I promise), we already have it filmed and our buddy brian is checking out the footage now. Expect an edit out in the next few weeks.

Stay stoked.


Hey everyybody!


I know its been awhile, and with school and sports its been really hard for us to get together and skate. But now that I have my license, we have been able to scout out potential skate spots much easier. Expect an EPIC edit this christmas break and a lot more to come. stay tuned, i’ll try to keep up to date as best as possible.


Kyle showing off his awesome toeside slide shov it


Shredding too hard #shredthegnar #longboard #longboarding

uhh.. it seems as though nick’s board has run into quite a problem. the pavement maybe?